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#SailingActivation Mastermind around Greece
September 18-25, 2021
A 7 day uplevel mastermind adventure for purpose driven entrepreneurs who are ready to level up their income, influence and impact game. Taking things to a GLOBAL level. Using wealth as a power for good.
Your adventure awaits...
Your Soul has a language. That language is FREQUENCY. You tap into THAT, you learn to speak to your Soul.
Ask me about The Portal: Your Frequency Activation 👑 Awaken Activate Ascend
So many opportunities presenting themselves to YOU, right now. But most likely you are passing on them or they are passing you by because you have TIES and CORDS to the past. You are SO much more. However, you won’t recognise it when you are BOUND to your past. LET go of multitude of things that stopped your development and instead, move confidently towards the life of your dreams. If you want to make SIGNIFICANT changes. You must first release the ways you hold as important.
Frequency 🧬 Upgrade is your answer.
Benefits are reported but not limited to: 🧬More energy and vitality 🧬Full opening of your psychic abilities 🧬Natural genius coming through 🧬Better usage of your vocal abilities (clean language) 🧬Increased sense of self-worth 🧬Greater memory and potential 🧬Sense of connection to everyone and everything 🧬Healing of childhood wounds 🧬Supercharged manifesting
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Venus Re-Birth is an 8 week exploration of your turn on, upgrade of your core identity and a business level up. A FREQUENCY play designed with YOU in mind. Ready to ditch the (coaching) high street and go haute (couture) on yourself
This is for you: ✅ If you are professional in the online space (creator, coach, SM specialist, biz consultant, energy worker, course creator) ✅ You have reached a high 5 or 6 figure level and want to go beyond that. ✅ Understand that the inner energy architecture is KEY to increasing your capacity to hold more WE ALTH and experience more joy. ✅ Because what’s the point of earning more if you don’t ENJOY it? ✅ Who wants to DO less and PLAY more. ✅ Desires to tap into YOUR unique gifts and talents. ✅ So, you are not a carbon COPY of your coach or mentor. ✅ Which means everyone loves what you do, but goes to THEM. ✅ Wanting to dissolve programming of lack that is holding you back from being FULLY and WILDLY expressed in life and business. ✅ Thus RECEIVING simply for WHO you are. ✅ Bringing more SENSUALITY and pleasure into the lives of others. ✅ Increase your capacity for JOY, LAUGHTER, EASE & PEACE
This is a call specifically designed to help you ascertain what needs to happen for you to elevate your next level breakthrough in a way that’s unique to you & your blueprint. In this paradigm it is crucial that it’s done from a place of emotional mastery. I believe that having a new paradigm business requires you to be in elite form. Mind, Body, Soul.
I strongly advise against going ahead with your application if you fall under the following criteria;
📌 Not yet making any money in their business 📌 Little to no financial solvency or access to sufficient funds 📌 Have never sold online 📌 Dealing with extreme visibility issues and self sabotaging behavior 📌 On a healing journey OR dealing with a life matter that requires your time + mental capacity without having access to adequate amount of support 📌 Experience some mental health challenges ( depression, mental disorder, life threatening illness) 📌 Looking for that elusive piece of the puzzle that will give you fast results.
*If you do fall under one of the categories mentioned but DO desire to be supported. Please send us a short email outlining your problem and I will respond or direct you to one of my trusted contacts who can support you with your specific request.