What’s a Swipe-page?
How do I create a Swipe-page?
How do you delete a Swipe-page?
How do I change the order of my Swipe-pages?
How do I change the background color of a Swipe-page?
Working with blocks
How do I add a section?
How do I delete a section?
How do I reorder sections?
How do I duplicate a section?
How do I adjust section alignment?
How do I add a space between sections?
How do I move a section to another Swipe-page?
How do I share my location on a map?
How do I add a link to WhatsApp, Viber, and other messenger apps?
How do I publish a page?
How do I share my page with friends?
How do I enable/disable Auto-Publish?
How do I confirm my email address?
How do I change my password?
How do I sign out?
How do I delete my account?
How do I add the tap.link app to my desktop?
How do you stop highlighting the section separator?
How do I erase everything on my Page?
Trial Period
How does the free trial work?
What happens after my free trial ends?
Will I be able to save any remaining free trial days if I upgrade to the Premium plan?
What payment method can I use?
Are payments secure?
When is my next payment due?
What happens if I cancel my Premium subscription?
What happens after my paid subscription period ends?
Do I have to link my credit/debit card?
How do I remove a debit/credit card from my account?
How can I change my debit/credit card details?
How can I switch to the Free plan and cancel my subscription?
What plan do new tap.link users have access to?
How does the Premium plan work?
What is my current plan and when does it expire?
When does my subscription expire?
Where can I find my payment history?
How long does the monthly subscription last?
How long does the annual subscription last?
​​Are there any discounts on the Premium plan?
Can I switch to an annual subscription if I’ve already paid for a month?
Can I switch to the monthly subscription if I’ve already paid for the year?
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